Villains who remind you of cemetery statues

Doctor sacrifices himself; hides a way to resurrect himself within his own eulogy.


Let’s kill off the companion’s husband but bring him back.

Christmas special that’s like A Christmas Carol but let’s kill off the Scrooge character’s girlfriend.


Doctor faces his mortality and cheats it at the end.

That was a lot of fun the first time, let’s kill off the companion’s husband but bring him back. Maybe we can kill off their baby, no that’s a little harsh but I still like that — maybe we’ll make it plastic or something.


Christmas special that’s like Narnia but let’s kill off the Mom’s husband. Cheats it at the end, because Christmas.

Let’s kill Hitler —- hm….I’ll figure something out.

Doctor loses his best friends in a cemetery.

Doctor’s secret around his new companion is that she keeps dying.

Doctor has to find his own grave.

Gallifrey cheats death.

Doctor has to face his own death…again. We’ll make him age this time but still cheat it at the end.


Doctor’s new companion falls in love with a guy who we’ll kill off. We’ll work in cadavers. Let’s also have the finale in a mortuary and a cemetery. We’ll kill someone else off and maybe someone else we can have cheat death.

Christmas special that’s around Santa Claus but let’s call it Last Christmas so we drive home the death thing. If Clara decides to stick around for series 9, we’ll have a death scene but she’ll cheat it.


Something around the Doctor’s Last Will and Testament.

Let’s bring someone back so we can have someone cheat death.

Maybe we’ll actually kill someone this season and we can throw an easter egg into the eulogy.

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